Agenda/Homework 8/14-8/18

Welcome back to another great school year!

Language Arts

* Classroom Procedures/Expectations/Course Overview  8/14 (C.W.)

* Statement of Academic Integrity 8/15

*Signed Parent Letters 8/16

* Spelling Focus: Short Vowels- Assigned & Explained 8/14

* Spelling due 8/17

* Letter to Teacher (C.W.) 8/14

* Revisiting & Reviewing Foundational Concepts in Writing & Reading (Most all work on this unit must  be done in class). Staying focussed & vigilant will ensure success:) Please bring in a folktale from your culture; this can be a hardbound book or a story printed off the net. Both work! Project Presentations 8/22

Writing Focus: " My Hue" (C.W.) Assigned 8/14. You will have a whole class period to work on the said assignment. Due 8/17




* Getting to know your Textbook Questionnaire (C.W.) 8/14

* Parent Letter/Course Overview. Signed Parent Letter due 8/16

" The Five Themes of Geography"-This is an in- class project. Herein, we will begin by reviewing the organizer for time periods- G.R.A.P.E.S. We will then commence a discussion on -"The Five Themes of Geography". Please do collaborate with your assigned group. Your participation and behavior will impact your grade. Make me proud!

* Presentations/ Quiz 8/17

*Rome: In Class Review 8/18

A Word from Mrs. Prasad

Polite Reminders

* Supplies Check  8/21