Homework/Agenda 8/21-8/25

Language Arts

* Spelling Focus: Long Vowel Sounds. Unit assigned & explained. Due 8/24

* Vocabulary Focus: CCSS Words. List One Assigned. Quiz 8/25

* Writing Focus: Letter Writing (Classwork)

* Study Sync....a walk through (Classwork)

* "Barrio Boy" Reading & Discussion

* Extra Credit Assigned & Explained. Due 10/2

* Diagnostic Testing. Students, over the next couple of weeks, I will be conducting a series of diagnostic tests. These will enable me to know you & thereby assist you in reaching your goals.



Unit : Rome

We will begin by revisiting concepts learned in sixth grade. We will then venture forth to appreciate the legacy of Rome. We will culminate this unit with a discussion on the downfall of Rome.Please know that most work on this unit will be started in class. However, do remember that all incomplete classwork is to be regarded as the homework for that day!

* Geography Challenge  8/24

* Roman Numerals /Latin Roots  8/22 (C.W.)

* Government Then & Now/ Rights of Citizens 8/23 (C.W.)

* " The Legacy of Rome" Reading & Discussion (C.W.) 8/25-28. Reading Notes Assigned & Explained. Please do make a judicious use of the time provided in class.

* Reading Notes due 8/29 

* Extra Credit Assigned & Explained. Due 10/3


Polite Reminders

Supplies Check 8/21