Agenda/Homework 8/28-9/1

Language Arts

* Spelling Assigned & Explained 8/28. Due 8/31

* Vocabulary: CCSS List II Assigned. Work due 9/1. Quiz 9/1

* Unit: In Pursuit

* Reading: "Barrio Boy". Please know that almost all work on this unit will be done in class. Making    a judicious use of class time will ensure success.

* Writing Prompt Assigned . Some time will be provided in class on 8/30. Know that you will need       to edit your writing at home.Typed prompt due 8/31

* Writing Conferences 8/31-9/1 

* Book Talk Assigned & Explained 9/1.  Presentations begin 10/2

* Monthly Grammar Review 9/1. Standards Assigned. Due 10/2

Reading Focus: Novella- "The Pearl". We will be reading this novella in its entirety in class. Students, though this story makes for a simple read, yet, within its simplicity is a complex tale filled with imagery, symbolism & thematic significance-Let's begin........

* Steinbeck Timeline Explained & Assigned 8/28. Due 9/5

* Pearl Chapter Vocabulary/Prompt/Questions due 9/6. 

* Pearl Chapter One Quiz 9/6



Unit: Rome

We will continue our on going discussions on Roman achievements. We will then move on to discuss the factors that lead to the downfall of Rome. When done, we will culminate this unit by analyzing & working on a DBQ

* Reading Notes due 8/29. 

* DBQ : Class work 8/29-8/31. Due 9/1. 

* Test 9/1 

Polite Reminders

Please do bring your laptops/Chrome books to class- they will ease our load:)