Homework/Agenda 9/18-9/22

Language Arts

Unit: In Pursuit

Reading Focus: "The Call of the Klondike"

Skill Addressed: Exploring Common Text Structures. 

Most all work on this unit will be done in class. A conscientious use of the time provided in class will result in little or no homework:)

Typed prompt due 9/22

Spelling (I-IV) Review Quiz. This, if you remember, is only to familiarize you with the new & state-of-the-art format :)

Novella: "The Pearl"

* Reading & Discussion (C.W.) 9/18-9/19

* Work on Assigned prompts & vocabulary (Assigned 9/12) - Due 9/20

*Quiz II & III 9/20. Do know that all completed & due work will be stamped off on 9/20

Unit: Poetry Analysis. (Classwork)

Skills Addressed:

* Understanding Extended Metaphors

* Understanding Tone & Mood




* Wrapping up Unit III ( The Role of the Catholic Church) 9/18

* In Class Presentations & Review 9/18

* Quiz 9/19

Unit: Life in Medieval Towns

 Reading & Discussion  (C.W.)

- Reading Notes 4.2-4.3   9/20

- Reading Notes 4.4-4.5  9/21

- Reading Notes 4.6-4.7  9/22.

Students, at the end of each session you will have some time to work on the corresponding reading notes. Incomplete notes are to be considered the homework for that day!


Polite Reminders

You are so welcome:)

After School Study Session 9/18. Please know that you will not be allowed to stay back if you do not  have the permission note from your parents-thank you!

Book Talk Assigned  9/1. Due 10/2

Monthly Grammar Standards Assigned  9/1. Due 10/2

Extra Credit (History & Language Arts) Assigned 8/28.

-Language Arts due 10/2

-History 10/3