Homework/Agenda 9/5-9/8

Language Arts

* CCSS List III Assigned. Work due 9/8. Quiz 9/8

* No Spelling this week:)

Unit: In Pursuit

Reading: "The Other Side of the Sky"

 Focus:  Theme

Skills Addressed: 

--Making Inferences

--Citing Textual Evidence

All work on this unit will be done in class!

Novella: "The Pearl"

- Pearl I Questions due 9/6. These were assigned on 8/28. Hopefully, you used the time provided in class to your benefit, & now, are left to deal with adding the finishing touches & editing class work!

-"The Pearl" Chapter Two Reading & Discussion 9/5-... 

- Pearl II Questions Assigned 9/5. Due 9/11. Time will be provided in class. Work diligently!

- Developing Character Webs (C.W.) Here, it is imperative that you choose the right evidence/justifications to corroborate your claims. Work in Progress check (-for points) 9/8. Know that these are the notes that you were requested/required to record as you read. Here's hoping you payed heed to all given directions:)

September 3, 2017

History 9/5-9/8


Unit: "The Development of Feudalism in Europe"

Herein you will:

* Describe the accomplishments of Charlemagne

* Compare & contrast the lives of nobles, knights & serfs

-Preview/Introduction 9/5

- Experiential Exercise/ Reading Notes 2.2-2.59/6

- Reading Notes 2.6-2.7 9/7

- Processing/ In Class Review  9/8

- Test 9/11



"After School Study Study Session",  Your class will be open on Mondays between 3:15-4:15 starting 4/11. All interested in attending, need to bring in a permission letter by 9/7. This is a great opportunity to buddy up with a friend & work on assignments or to study for an upcoming test:)

* Book Talk Assigned 8/1. Due 10/2

* Monthly Grammar Standards due 10/2

* Extra Credit (History & Language Arts) Assigned 8/28. Language Arts due 10/2. History 10/3

* "The Pearl" Chapter 1 Quiz 9/6