Homework/Agenda 11/6-11/17

Language Arts


Skill Addressed : Herein, you will learn to

  1. Recognize parts of speech

  2. Utilize etymological  information

  3. Differentiate among given synonyms

Work Assigned & Explained 11/6

Work on Exercises 11/6-11/8 (All work will be done in class)

* Quadrants Assigned 11/9

* Work on Quadrants 11/13-11/15

* Quadrants due 1/15. Test (1-III)- 1/16

In Class Project "The Study of Characters"

Project Assigned & Explained 11/6

Work on Project 11/7-11/8. Due 11/9

Students, we will begin our next unit from Study Sync ("The Powers that Be") this week! Most all work on this unit will be done in class. Our overall focus will be to understand theme, the elements of a good story & how structure in poetry & drama contribute to it's meaning.


*  "I, Too, Sing America" 11/8-11/19

*  "Gladiator" 11/13-15

* " The Lottery" 11/16 -

Work with a partner on upcoming book talk 11/17. As promised, you will have one period to collaborate with your partner. Chalk out a timeline, divvy up work, and delegate responsibilities; this students will ensure a fine end product!


Unit: "The Contributions of Muslims to World Civilizations" 

Herein you will

* learn about the conditions that led to the cultural blending in Islamic civilization

* trace the growth of cities and the importance of trade routes in the Muslim World

* describe Muslim contributions to world civilization in learning & scholarship, science & technology, mathematics, medicine, the arts, and recreation

-Preview/Introduction 11/7

-Reading /Work on Reading Notes 11/8-11/14

-DBQ Assigned & Explained  11/9.

Work on DBQ 11/14-11/16. Due 11/17 This is lieu of your essay question, do well!

-Test 11/17



Homework/Agenda Week of 10/30-11/3

Language Arts

* Spelling Assigned 10/30. Due 11/2

* Book Talk (Speeches) Assigned 10/2. Begin 11/2. Your plot line & theme analysis will be checked   off for points-10/30

* "End of the First Quarter Celebratory Final Part II" - Postponed ( due to popular demand &  sincere requests ) to 11/28. Students, I am delighted to know that you want extra time to review &  do well ! As a teacher this sincere request is very gratifying & heartwarming- make me proud! 

* In Class Project: " The Study of Characters"  Assigned 11/3. Classwork 11/7-11/8. Due 11/9

* Book Talk (November) Assigned 11/1. Due 12/4

* Monthly Grammar Standards due 11/2. 

* Monthly Grammar Review 11/2. Standards Assigned. Due 12/4


Unit: The Teachings of Islam

* Reading & Discussion 10/30-11/1

* Reading Notes (for students who have opted for the test) Assigned & Explained  10/30. Due 11/3

* Work on Study Guide 11/3. Test 11/6

* " The Five Pillars of Islam" Booklet Assigned & Explained 10/30. This booklet is assigned in lieu         of the test & reading notes. You will have some time in class to work; however, do know that if         you have opted for this project, you will need to be diligent with time management. Students,           please know that having a clear & sound work schedule will ensure success!

* Booklet due 11/6

Homework/Agenda 10/23-10/27

Language Arts

* Finishing touches to the final project for "The Pearl" (Understanding Archetypes)

* Project work due 10/24

Writing Focus: The Explanatory/ Informative Essay

* Wrapping up 10/23

* Peer Edits 10/24

* Essay (Two Copies) due 10/25

* End of the First Quarter  Celebratory Final  (Part I)  10/27.  Final Part II 11/2

--Study Guide I Assigned 10/24

* In Class Grammar Grammar Review 11/25-11/30. We will have an intensive in class review session for part two of the upcoming final test (Part II)  Participating & being attentive will certainly pay rich dividends:)

Students, you will have some time this week to work on the plotline & speech for your upcoming presentations. Do come to class well equipped-thank you!

* Spelling Unit Test  10/26



Unit: The Prophet Muhammad

* Reading & Discussion (C.W.)

* Reading Notes Assigned & Explained 10/23. Due 10/27

* DBQ (Classwork)- Assigned & Explained 10/25. Due 10/27

* Quiz 10/27 

Polite Reminders

* Book Talk Assigned 10/2. Speeches begin 11/2. Plot line checked off for points  10/27

* Monthly Grammar Standards Assigned 10/2. Due 11/2


Homework/Agenda 10/16-10/20

Language Arts

* Spelling Assigned. Due 10/19

* Grammar Focus: Sentences (C.W.)

Novella: "The Pearl"

- Reading & Discussions (C.W.)

- Questions & Vocabulary due 10/19

- The Pearl Final Project Assigned & Explained  10/17. Due 10/24

Writing Focus: The Informative/ Explanatory Essay

-The next five days will be spent on drafting, editing/revising, & then submitting your essay. All writing will be done in class. Staying on task & completing the assigned work will ensure success. Failing to do so, will require you to complete unfinished work at home. Know that all handouts will be collected for points.

- Work on Handouts  10/16-10/17

- Work on Rough Draft  10/18-10/23

- Peer/Self Edits 10/24

- Final Copies 10/25



Unit: The Arabian Peninsula

Herein you will learn to:

* identify the physical features and describe the climate of the Arabian Peninsula

* describe its relationship to surrounding bodies of land & water

* understand nomadic & sedentary ways of life

* explain how the role of towns & the establishment of trade routes to Asia, Africa, and Europe

- Preview/Geography Challenge 10/16

- Reading & Discussions (C.W.)

- Reading Notes due 10/19

- Processing/Unit Review 10/19

- Test 10/20

Polite Reminders

Monthly Grammar Standards Assigned 10/2. Due 11/2

Book Talk Assigned 10/2. Speeches begin 11/2


Homework/Agenda 10/9-10/13

Language Arts

* Spelling Assigned. Due 10/12

Novella: "The Pearl"

* Reading & Discussion (C.W.) 

* Questions & Vocabulary due 10/12

Book Talk Presentations 10/9-

Writing Focus: The Informative/Explanatory Essay

Students, you will develop your writing in stages. Time will be provided, in class, for reflection, planning, drafting, editing & working on your final draft. Please do know that you will need to spend 20-25 minutes every day, editing & finishing incomplete class work. Remember, working conscientiously &  earnestly, in class, will result in little or no homework.



* Work on Processing VI. Completed work due 10/10

* Timeline Assigned 10/10. Due 10/11

* Work on DBQ 10/10-10/11. DBQ due 10/12

* Unit Review 10/12

* Unit Test 10/13


Homework/Agenda 10/2-10/5

Language Arts

* Monthly Grammar Review 10/2

* Monthly Grammar Standards Assigned. Due 11/2

* Book Talk (October) Assigned 10/2. Speeches begin 11/2

* Spelling Assigned. Due 10/5

* Grammar Focus: Subjects, Predicates, & Sentences (All work must be completed in class)

Unit: Poetry Appreciation & Analysis (Classwork)

* Figurative Language- In Class Review 10/3. Quiz 10/4

Reading Focus: "The Pearl"

Work on Assigned Questions (C.W) 10/2

Pearl Chapter IV Questions & Vocabulary due 10/3



Unit: "The Decline of Feudalism"

Adding finishing touches to the ongoing DBQ assignment. 

DBQ due 10/3

Study Guide Assigned-10/2. Quiz 10/3

Unit: "The Byzantine Empire"

Herein , you will:

* learn to explain the importance of the city of Constantinople, & how it emerged as the capital of the Byzantine Empire

* describe the importance of the reign of Justinian I and the lasting impact of the new code of laws organized during his reign

* trace the development of the Eastern Orthodox Church and its relations with the west

* Preview/Trading Activity 10/4

* Reading Notes 6.2-6.3 10/5

* Reading Notes 6.4-6.5 10/9


Polite Reminders

* Book Talk due 10/2. Assigned 9/1

* Monthly Grammar Standards due 10/2. Assigned 9/1

* Language Arts Extra Credit due 10/2

* History Extra Credit due 10/3

Homework/Agenda 9/25-9/29

Language Arts

Unit: In Pursuit

Skills Revisited

* Understanding Informational Text Elements

* Figurative Language

* Connotation & Denotation

Spelling Assigned & Explained. Due 9/28

CCSS Vocabulary Assigned. Worksheet due 9/29. Quiz 9/29

"The Pearl" Reading & Discussion (C.W.)

-Vocabulary & Questions Assigned 9/25. Due 10/4

Students, as promised, you will have time this week to work on long term projects. Come prepared!



* Lesson IV Study Guide Assigned/ In Class Review   9/25

* Test 9/26

Unit: "The Decline of Feudalism"

Herein, you will learn to

- understand & describe English legal and constitutional developments, such as the Magna Carta, the establishment of parliament & their impact on Feudalism-explain how the bubonic plague spread from Central Asia to Europe,  and describe the impact it had on the population of Europe and on Feudalism.

- explain how the Hundred Years' War weakened the feudal system in France & England

* Preview/Reading Notes  5.2   9/27 

* Reading Notes 5.3-5.4  9/28

* Processing/ Working on assigned DBQ  9/29-10/2

* DBQ due 10/3 

Polite Reminders

* After School Study Session  9/25

* Book Talk due 10/2. Assigned 9/1

* Monthly Grammar Standards Assigned 9/1. Due 10/2

* Character Webs: Work in Progress Check-Please continue to add to your webs as you encounter new & fascinating dimensions to the personality of the characters you run into! Do support all claims with textual evidence-thank you!



Homework/Agenda 9/18-9/22

Language Arts

Unit: In Pursuit

Reading Focus: "The Call of the Klondike"

Skill Addressed: Exploring Common Text Structures. 

Most all work on this unit will be done in class. A conscientious use of the time provided in class will result in little or no homework:)

Typed prompt due 9/22

Spelling (I-IV) Review Quiz. This, if you remember, is only to familiarize you with the new & state-of-the-art format :)

Novella: "The Pearl"

* Reading & Discussion (C.W.) 9/18-9/19

* Work on Assigned prompts & vocabulary (Assigned 9/12) - Due 9/20

*Quiz II & III 9/20. Do know that all completed & due work will be stamped off on 9/20

Unit: Poetry Analysis. (Classwork)

Skills Addressed:

* Understanding Extended Metaphors

* Understanding Tone & Mood




* Wrapping up Unit III ( The Role of the Catholic Church) 9/18

* In Class Presentations & Review 9/18

* Quiz 9/19

Unit: Life in Medieval Towns

 Reading & Discussion  (C.W.)

- Reading Notes 4.2-4.3   9/20

- Reading Notes 4.4-4.5  9/21

- Reading Notes 4.6-4.7  9/22.

Students, at the end of each session you will have some time to work on the corresponding reading notes. Incomplete notes are to be considered the homework for that day!


Polite Reminders

You are so welcome:)

After School Study Session 9/18. Please know that you will not be allowed to stay back if you do not  have the permission note from your parents-thank you!

Book Talk Assigned  9/1. Due 10/2

Monthly Grammar Standards Assigned  9/1. Due 10/2

Extra Credit (History & Language Arts) Assigned 8/28.

-Language Arts due 10/2

-History 10/3


Homework/Agenda 9/11-9/15

Language Arts

Unit: In Pursuit

-Wrapping up "The Other Side of the Sky"

-Typed prompt due 9/12

Reading Focus "The Call of the Klondike"

Skill Addressed

-Exploring Common Test Structures

Novella: "The Pearl"

-Pearl (II & III) Quiz 9/20

Spelling Focus: Perplexing Words

-Spelling due 9/14

-Spelling (I-IV) Review Quiz 9/18. This , dear students, will count only for completion points. Being the first of its kind; I want to acclimate you with this new & unfamiliar format :)

Unit: Recognizing Symbolism,Theme & Subject


1. Understanding Rhetorical Appeal 

2. Developing & Analyzing Political Cartoons. Students, herein, I will teach you how to analyze        political cartoons & muse over the five main elements cartoonists use to convey their point of view.  this is, predominantly, an in class activity!

* Political Cartoon & Explanation due 9/15



Unit: "The Role of the Church in Medieval Europe"

Students, you were presented with two options on Friday 9/8. If you have opted for the test & research paper, your topic will be assigned on 9/11. All working on assigned projects & research papers need to come to class prepared . Please know that disruptive behavior & not staying on task equates to a lower grade:( However, being diligent always pays off :)

Reading & Discussions (C.W.)

Reading Notes due 9/19 Please do spend fifteen minutes, everyday, working on your notes-thank you!

Project Work  9/12-9/15

Presentations/ Test  9/19

Polite Reminders

"The Development of Feudalism" Test 9/11. Assigned 9/5

"After School Study Session" begins this Monday. Looking forward !



Homework/Agenda 9/5-9/8

Language Arts

* CCSS List III Assigned. Work due 9/8. Quiz 9/8

* No Spelling this week:)

Unit: In Pursuit

Reading: "The Other Side of the Sky"

 Focus:  Theme

Skills Addressed: 

--Making Inferences

--Citing Textual Evidence

All work on this unit will be done in class!

Novella: "The Pearl"

- Pearl I Questions due 9/6. These were assigned on 8/28. Hopefully, you used the time provided in class to your benefit, & now, are left to deal with adding the finishing touches & editing class work!

-"The Pearl" Chapter Two Reading & Discussion 9/5-... 

- Pearl II Questions Assigned 9/5. Due 9/11. Time will be provided in class. Work diligently!

- Developing Character Webs (C.W.) Here, it is imperative that you choose the right evidence/justifications to corroborate your claims. Work in Progress check (-for points) 9/8. Know that these are the notes that you were requested/required to record as you read. Here's hoping you payed heed to all given directions:)

September 3, 2017

History 9/5-9/8


Unit: "The Development of Feudalism in Europe"

Herein you will:

* Describe the accomplishments of Charlemagne

* Compare & contrast the lives of nobles, knights & serfs

-Preview/Introduction 9/5

- Experiential Exercise/ Reading Notes 2.2-2.59/6

- Reading Notes 2.6-2.7 9/7

- Processing/ In Class Review  9/8

- Test 9/11



"After School Study Study Session",  Your class will be open on Mondays between 3:15-4:15 starting 4/11. All interested in attending, need to bring in a permission letter by 9/7. This is a great opportunity to buddy up with a friend & work on assignments or to study for an upcoming test:)

* Book Talk Assigned 8/1. Due 10/2

* Monthly Grammar Standards due 10/2

* Extra Credit (History & Language Arts) Assigned 8/28. Language Arts due 10/2. History 10/3

* "The Pearl" Chapter 1 Quiz 9/6