Homework/Agenda 3/12-3/16

Language Arts

Reading Focus: "Treasure Island"

* Reading & Discussion (con't)  3/12-3/13.

* Section One Summary & Vocabulary due 3/14. Quiz 3/14

* Hispaniola : Work assigned & explained 3/15. Class work on Hispaniola 3/15. Due 3/19

Understanding Archetypes Project Assigned & Explained 3/8. Students, so far, you have had two and half class periods to work on the said project. We will continue working on 3/12. Completed work due 3/13

Lit. Analysis/Comprehension Quarter III Final Test 3/15. A short study guide will be provided. However, do know, this is just a review of concepts learned & revisited, constantly, this year. You are ready!!


Unit: Florence

Work/Complete Reading Notes 3/12

Reading Notes due 3/13

In Class Review 3/13

Test 3/14

 - No Quater III Final:)

Unit : The Leading Figures of the Renaissance

Students, herein you will:

* explain how the Renaissance spread from Italy to other parts of Europe

* summarize key aspects of the lives of Renaissance figures, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Nicolaus    Copernicus, William Shakespeare and others with an emphasis on their contribution to the field  of Art, Science & Literature

* Reading Notes Assigned 3/15. Due 3/21

* Unit review 3/21. Quiz 3/22 ( Your project is in lieu of the essay question).

* Project Explained & Assigned 3/15

* Class work on Project 3/15-3/16



Homework/Agenda 3/5-3/9

Language Arts

* Monthly Grammar Review 3/5. Standards Assigned. Due 4/10

* Unit Test (Justice Served) Assigned 2/26. Test 3/6

* Grammar Presentations (C.W.)

* Book Talk (March) Assigned & Explained. Due 4/12. Now due 4/23!

* Archetypes- Project Presented 3/8

- Work on project 3/9-3/12. Due 3/13

Focus: Literary Analysis: "Treasure Island". 

Herein, we will combine traditional assignments such as story sequencing with character analysis in tow. We will, also, focus on partner prediction projects, and vocabulary enrichment lessons. Finally, we will culminate this fun read with math & vocabulary/speech  enrichment activities 

Please know that we will be reading this classic in its entirety in class!

* Section One Reading & Discussion (C.W.) 3/6-3/13

* Section One Summary & Vocabulary due 3/14. Students, you will have time to work on your section summary notes in class. Please do make a judicious use of class time. Again, remember, incomplete classwork is to be regarded as homework for that day.

* Section One Review 3/13. Quiz 3/14


Unit: "The Renaissance"

* Review 3/5

* Test 3/6

Unit: Florence: "The Cradle of the Renaissance"

Students, herein you will

* examine a map of Renaissance Florence

* describe Renaissance advances in architecture and engineering, painting, sculpture, literature, and science & mathematics

* describe Florentine politics as reflected in the work of Machiavelli, as well as Florentine commerce & trade

* interpret quotations from Machiavelli

* Reading & Discussion (C.W.)

* Reading Notes Assigned. 3/6. Due 3/13

* In Class Review 3/14. Test 3/15

Polite Reminders

Monthly Grammar Standards  3/5

Book Talk (February) due 3/9

History Extra Credit 3/6


Homework/Agenda 2/26-3/2

Language Arts

Unit: Justice Served

Focus: Completing assigned prompts/finishing touches & edits 2/22-2/23 (C.W.)

* Packet due 2/24. This is a group endeavor/grade-do your part to the best of your ability:)

Students, the packet will now be collected on 2/25. You do, however, have only one period, tomorrow, in class, to complete work- you are welcome!

* Unit Test 3/6

* Grammar Presentations begin 2/26 (C.W.)

* Stevenson Timeline  Assigned & Explained 2/28. Students, you have over an hour, in class, to work on the "said" assignment. Do a good job! *Research check 3/1. *Timeline due 3/2

 Focus: Review

Unit: Reading Comprehension & Analysis. This unit is a miscellany of selections from all genres geared to provide you with an in depth review of all subject matter we have covered this year.

* Third Quarter Final 3/15


Unit: "The Renaissance Begins"

Students, herein, you will

* use a specialty map to identify & label key cities & regions of Europe related to the Renaissance & Reformation

* discuss how the locations of key cities & regions may have affected the spread of goods & ideas across Europe

* learn about the elements of Classical, Medieval & Renaissance art

* explain the importance of the growth of towns, the rise of a money economy, and the development of independent city- states to the birth and spread of Renaissance ideas

* explore how humanism encouraged a new way of thinking that affected many aspects of life

* Geography Challenge 2/26

* Preview/Introduction 2/27

* In class Reading & Discussions 2/28-3/1

* Reading Notes Assigned 2/28. Due 3/1

* In Class Review 3/1

* Test 3/5

Polite Reminders

* Book Talk (February) due 3/9

* History Extra Credit moved due to student requests:)  Now due 3/6- You are welcome!


Language Arts

* Spelling Assigned. Due 2/23. Test (13-16) 2/23

* Focus: Study Sync

Unit: Justice Served. All work on this unit will be done

Dear students, I have observed that some of you are not using the generous time provided in class, to complete assigned prompts, to your advantage. Know that these students are few and far between, but my sincere advise to you is to stay focussed & complete the task at hand. Thank you!

* Work on Grammar Project / Book Talk. Grammar presentations moved to 2/26- You are welcome!

* Grammar Focus: Misplaced & Dangling Modifiers (C.W.)


Unit: Mesoamerica

* Symposium 2/20

* Reading Notes due 2/20. Assigned 2/8

* Unit Review 2/21

* Unit Test 2/22

Polite Reminders

~Book Talk (February) due 3/9

~History Extra Credit due 2/28


Language Arts

Study Sync Unit: Justice Served. 

* All work on this unit will be completed in class! Students who have not turned in a signed parent letter for "Les Miserables" need to bring it on Tuesday-thank you!

Wrapping up PQP

- Work on Cover/Edits/Written Response 2/13. Packet due 2/15

* Work on Grammar Project 2/14-2/15

Unit: Mesoamerica

Focus: Symposium. Students, all work was assigned & explained on 2/8

Here is the break-up/Agenda

* Work on Research 2/9-2/15. Research Paper due 2/16

* Symposium 2/20

* Unit Review 2/21

* Unit Quiz 2/22

* Reading Notes (H.W.) Assigned 2/8. Due 2/16


Homework/Agenda 2/5-2/9

Language Arts

* Spelling Assigned 2/5. Due 2/9

Study Sync

* Unit: Justice  Served.

Know that ample time will be provided, in class, to complete all written responses. Staying on task begets leisure time at home:). Students, remember, discussions conducted in groups can be fruitful, only, if you adhere to set norms of behavior.

* Poetry Reading & Analysis. Herein, you must spent some time at home completing class work!

* Monthly Grammar Review 5/6. Standards Assigned. Due 3/5

* Extra Credit Assigned & Explained. Due 2/21

* Book Talk (February) Assigned & Explained. Due 3/9


Unit: "The Rise of the Warrior Class in Japan"

* Winding up/DBQ Assigned & Explained 2/5

* Work on DBQ 2/5-2/6. Due 2/7

* Test 2/7

Unit: "Mesoamerica"

Focus: Symposium. All work on this unit of study, research & presentation will be done in class. You will need to complete the assigned reading notes at home.

* Topic/Groups Assigned 2/8

* Work on Research/Reading Notes 2/9-2/15

* Research paper due 2/16

* Reading Notes (H.W.) Assigned 2/8. Due 2/16

* Symposium  2/20

* Final Quiz 2/21

Polite Reminders

* Monthly Grammar Standards due 2/5

* Book Talk Assigned 1/9. Due 2/13.

* Extra Credit Assigned 2/9. Due 2/28


Homework/Agenda 1/29-2/2

Language Arts

Unit: Justice Served. Students, you will be given time in class  to work on assigned writing prompts. Whiling away class time translates to time spend completing class work at home. Please complete class work diligently- thank you!

PQP : Appreciation & Analysis (C.W.) Herein, we will begin critically appreciating, analyzing & working on the assigned prompts. Herein, however, you must spend some time at home completing on going class work! 

Unit: Research/Persuasive & Argumentative Speaking & Writing

Focus: Debates. The day has finally arrived! Debates begin 1/31:)

* Spelling/Vocabulary Assigned 1/29. Test 2/2


Unit: Heian-Kyo

* Revising Research Paper/Rehearsals 1/29

* Show/Script due 1/30

* Quiz 1/31

Unit: "The Rise of the Warrior Class in Japan"

* Reading & Discussions 1/31-2/5

* Reading Notes Assigned & Explained 1/29. Due 2/6

* DBQ Assigned & Explained 2/5. Work on DBQ 2/5-2/6. DBQ due 2/7

* Test 2/7

Polite Reminders:

* No "After School Study Session" this Monday

* Book Conferences/ Reading Logs due 2/1. Assigned 1/9. Final Project due 2/12

* Monthly Grammar Standards due 2/5. Assigned 1/9


Homework/Agenda 1/22-1/26

Language Arts

* PQP Assigned & Explained. Readings plus accompanying discussions will be conducted in class. Do spent some time at home supplementing class work & completing the assigned  prompts/questions. Packet due 2/12. Please do adhere to given instructions. Teacher Conferences begin 2/15

Study Sync

Unit: Justice Served. All work on this unit will be done in class.

Unit: Debates

Focus: Research/Argumentative Techniques

* Finishing Touches 1/23-1/25

* Debates Begin 1/29

* Spelling Test 1/24

* Vocabulary (C.W.)


Unit: Heian-Kyo

Puppet Show/Research Paper-Assigned & Explained 1/19


* Script/Puppets due 1/25

* Backdrops due 1/26

* Rehearsals 1/29

* Show 1/30

Research Paper Deadlines

*Rough Research 1/23

* Formal Outline 1/24

* Typed Paper 1/26




Homework/Agenda 1/16-1/19

Language Arts

* Spelling Assigned 1/16. Due 1/19

Unit: Debates

Focus: Research/ Argumentative Techniques

* Notecards Assigned & Explained

-Work on Notecards 1/17-1/18 (C.Work). Due 1/19

* Vocabulary Quiz 1/17. 

Study Sync

Students, this week we commence on our third unit from Study Sync: "Justice Served". In this unit you will explore the importance of defending human rights through accounts of real people & characters in a variety of texts that include fiction, narrative non fiction, informational texts & speeches. Most all work on this unit will be completed in class. As always, staying on task & working diligently will translate to little or no homework:)

The Reading Skills that will be addressed & studied are..

* Author's Purpose & Point of View

* Figurative Language

* Technical Language

* Theme

* Poetic Structure

* Compare & Contrast 



Unit: Japan

* Processing 20/Study Guide Assigned 1/16

* Test 1/17

Unit: Heian-Kyo- The Heart of Japan's Golden Age

* Reading & Discussions 1/17-1/18

* Reading Notes Assigned. Due 2/23

Puppet Show/Research Paper Assigned. You may opt for either one.

Research Paper:

Students, know that it is your responsibility to come to class prepared to work diligently on your paper. Your paper should be adequate in content & be structurally sound. Adhere to all given instructions.

Puppet Show

Herein students will:

* Research & organize ideas for a puppet show

Students, know that your script should be based/depict at least three of the following:

-Aspects of the Golden Age of Literature, Art & Drama during the 9th, 10th, & 11th centuries

-the reasons for the end of the Heian era & the rise of the military class in the late 12th century.

You will be tested on your ability to express & relay ideas clearly; demonstrate an understanding of not only,grammar, structure, & the forms & genres of writing, but also, on an accurate depiction of the Heian Society

* Research Paper/Instructions on Puppet Show Assigned & Explained/Groups Assigned  1/19

* Work on Plot Line/ Begin Research 1/19





Happy New Year !!!

Happy New Year !

As always, I just can't seem to find the right words to express my gratitude. Once again, I resort to outside help...

"I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks; and ever thanks."

-William Shakespeare

Dear students, please know that I thoroughly enjoyed every gift- the teas, the gift cards, chocolates, other exquisite ornaments & souvenirs, and all the lovely home made goodies. But more importantly, I want to thank you for your thoughtful & heartwarming notes. They, truly, made the season brighter!

I do want to take this opportunity to thank each one of you for working to the best of your ability as we persevere to unravel the marvels of Study Sync. Students, instead of questioning my style & experimentation with the new curriculum (always, always, with the honest intent of making it interesting), you have surprised me by going along & enjoying the, sometimes, bumpy ride with me-for this I am grateful!

Here's wishing you a world that is filled with peace, open-mindedness & kindness!

Happy 2018!!!

Mrs. Prasad

Agenda/Homework 1/9-1/12

Language Arts

* Monthly Grammar Review 1/9. Standards Assigned. Due 2/5

* Book Talk (January) Assigned & Explained. 9/9. Due 2/12. Book Check 9/11

Unit: Research/Persuasive & Argumentative Techniques

Focus: Debate 

-Procedures & Protocol Explained & Work Assigned

-Debate Terms Quiz 1/10

-Topics Discussed & Selected 1/10

- In Class Research 1/10-1/12. Students, please do spend 15-20 minutes everyday augmenting class work.

-Typed/Printed & Completed Research checked 1/15

* Spelling Assigned & Explained 1/9. Due 1/12

* Grammar Review (C.W.)

* Vocabulary Assigned. Quiz 1/11


Unit: Japan

Herein, you will learn to:

* define cultural diffusion and illustrate the concept by describing how cultural elements were transmitted from India, China & Korea to Japan

* describe the significance of Japan's proximity to China & Korea and the intellectual, religious and philosophical influences of those countries on Japan

* discuss the reign of Prince Shotoku & the characteristics of Japanese society and family life during his reign

* Geography Challenge 1/9

* Preview/ Reading Notes 20.2-20.3 1/10

* Reading Notes 20.4-20.7 1/11

* Reading Notes 20.8-20.10 1/12

* Processing/Study Guide Assigned 1/16

* Test 1/17

Polite Reminders

* Monthly Grammar Standards due 1/9